Don’t Miss the 10 Best Watercolor Paintings of 2017

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This Year’s Best Watercolor Paintings

Every winter, we look forward to putting together this article of the best watercolor paintings of the year. Of course, “best” is subjective, but one way a painting earns that distinction is to stand out in competition.

So with that being said, we turn to art societies — from the West Coast to the East Coast, Florida to Canada — to bring our attention to some of North America’s best watercolor paintings of 2017. Enjoy!

Brightness Burning on the Heart Within

Ali Cavanaugh Brightness Burning on the heart within watercolor society winner 2017 | Best Watercolor Paintings of 2017 | Artists Network

Brightness Burning on the Heart Within by Ali Cavanaugh, watercolor on Aquaboard

Artist Inspirations

My oldest daughter, Neve, was the inspiration for this piece. She’s been my graceful muse for many years. Neve is poised and reserved, and in this composition, I was able to catch her in direct profile. A striking diagonal was created with her downcast head and hand placement.


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