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Greek inspiration in art

NOW, it might sound a bit corny, or kind of ‘ethnic’, or ‘regionalist’ to some, to be inspired by the country you live in, but let’s face it, most artists draw inspiration from their surroundings in one way or another. And for me, ever since I moved to Greece in 1994, the nature, the light and in particular the sea of this country has inspired me to create art. My first works created in Greece, back then in the Nineties, was of mermaids. It’s a theme that I return to every now and then, creating new series of works, slightly different every time. The ‘Greek Insipiration’ in my work was recently focused on by journalist Maria Paravantes and ‘The Greek Vibe’. Go to the link to read what she had to say. I thank her for her kind words about my art, which cannot help but be inspired by this beautiful (and bizarre), country.

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