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Collage’s artistic collateral

FOKIANOU ART is pleased to present “Collage Remix”, a group show curated by Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris. The increasing popularity of collage among artists and art-appreciators is due to its ability to describe the world in a multifaceted way. Often using mass-produced images, it mirrors the historical and political context in which it is created. Because of the juxtapositions used in collage, the medium can avoid both linear thinking and traditional binary dichotomies. Additionally, by using found or readymade images or objects, the medium subverts the traditional importance of the idea of the lone creative genius, while also acting as a democratic, low-tech medium accessible by most people.

Work by Mary Cox

Seventeen artists were invited to submit analog and digital collage work, in 2 and 3 dimensions. Participating artists:  Nola Abboud, Mary Cox, Kelly Koumarianou, Helen Kyrkilis, Loula Levedi, Annette Luycx, Dimitra Maltabe, Konstantine Matsoukas, Dionisios Pappas, Nikos Podias, Geeta Roopnarine, Fiona Spathopoulou, Giorgos Spyropoulos, Christina-Sylvia Simantira, Panagiotis Voulgaris, Piyi Wong, Kiveli Zachariou.

Work by Panagiotis Voulgaris

Curated by Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris

FokiaNou Art Space is an artist-run project space in the intimacy of a small apartment in an old building in the center of Athens. The space encourages collaborative creative efforts between Greek and foreign artists, thereby promoting and supporting the local art community. The space hosts exhibitions, workshops and projects under the direction of two artists, Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris.

Work by Geeta Roopnarine
  • Opening: Thursday, 12 May, 17.00. Duration: 12-28 May 2022.  Hours: Thursday – Saturday 17.00 – 20.00. FokiaNou Art Space, Fokianou 24, 7th floor, Pagkrati, Athens. Metro: Evangelismos.
Work by Dimitra Maltabe

2 thoughts on “Collage’s artistic collateral

  1. It is perhaps interesting to note the following comment that a New Media Artist placed on one of my collages: ‘I think your fascination with layering images may be a fifth dimensional attribute in that it provides a way to present multiple times and places simultaneously.’ @ Bob Eige

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