Art for Greece’s sake! Dedicated to promoting and exploring the Greek art scene, mainly in Athens, but also featuring artists from around the world, and interested in developing this site’s more international art perspective in the future. Because life without art is joyless… Art Scene Athens is written/edited by artist/journalist/art critic/translator Stella Sevastopoulos. She has contributed to many different editions and sites (eg Athens Insider, Neos Kosmos Greek-Australian newspaper, Urbstravel, Argos review of the SPHS in London), and was English editor and contributor at The Art Magazine, and Arts Editor at The Athens News. She has studied Art,  English Literature, and History of Art, at Harrow College of Art, Lancaster University and Reading University.

If you are interested in featuring in the ‘in focus’ series of Art Scene Athens, or in having an artist’s statement, or a catalogue essay written for you, send a message (stelsevas@yahoo.com).

In parallel to her writing, Stella Sevastopoulos has also always practiced art, and in recent years has dedicated herself all the more to exploring her painting process, which is primarily inspired by nature.

For  examples  of  her  art,  visit  her  online  portfolio or go to saatchiart

Stella has often taken on commissions. If you are interested in commissioning her to paint a portrait, or a special landscape, send a message (stelsevas@yahoo.com).

Her works have also been used on textiles, prints, household objects, phone cases and other items. To see the whole collection, go to society6


‘Imaginary Meadow’ by Stella Sevastopoulos

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Stella – super cool blog! I’m a journalist – just moved to Athens and keen to see / hear what is going on arts wise.

    On the search for a street art festival / event here – any chance you know when that happens?

    Anastasia x


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