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Getting into the summer spirit

“SUMMER VIBES” is the group art exhibition which aims to bring a smile on the face of its viewers and to experience the summer vibrations of body and soul that only Art can offer. After the last difficult summers with suffocating breaths, in order to feel alive, this summer seeks for carelessness, play, real LIFE without second thoughts. And even if some of us do not think positively, there are 24 contemporary, remarkable artists who through their works present the summer experience in a most beautiful way, allowing us to take deep breaths and to enjoy their landscapes and seascapes of the summer. The exhibition ‘Summer Vibes’ takes place at the Hellenic-French Association (League) on Kolonaki Square.

Work by Panos Liapis

Participating artists:

Maria Vlasseros, Sidan Ghazi, Stella Caviart, Elena Arsenidou, Natasha Vlahaki, Poly Georgakopoulou, Spyridoula Dimou, Theodoros Eleftheriadis, Christos Zografos, Aglaia Thanasou, Rena Kamari, Stella Katergiannaki, Miranta Katsifa, Selina Kritikou, Dimitra Laoutari, Panos Liapis, Evangelia Liaskou, Marina Bastounopoulou, Souzana Papakaliati, Vasiliki Pouridou, Vivetta Sarri, Angeliki Parginou Tsioti, Mina Fakka, Elena Hinitidou. 

Concept, organisation, communication: Dimitris Lazarou

Co-organisation: Art Hub Athens

Opening: May 30, 5-9pm

Runs till June 25

Address: Kolonaki Sq 2, 4th floor (entrance next to Pireos bank)

Hours: Mon-Fri 5-9pm; Sat 12-4. Closed Sunday and Wednesday.

Work by Elena Arsenidou
Work by Sidan Ghazi

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