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Gerolymatou’s ‘Jasmine Dreams’ on Tinos

ANNA GEROLYMATOU presents this year at the TINION Hotel her solo exhibition entitled «Jasmine Dreams», which runs through August, 2022.

Art Historian/art critic Athina Schina writes of Gerolymatou’s work:

“Her own compilations – the parts in other words – that she chooses with great care in order to shape the palimpsest of her visual surfaces, consist of old photographs, newspapers and postcards, handwritten letters and seals, motifs of fabrics and wallpapers, handwritten letters and seals, excepts from old time advertising posters and diaries, sheets of music, lace, acrylics, inks, pens and pencils, decorative details along with what could in evocative ways form and atmosphere of nostalgia, inclusive memory of recalls and imprints of human experience

Anna Gerolymatou, through the suggestion of a comforting tenderness, which is transfused into the evidence of bygone eras (in the way she transforms them, giving them a peculiar stylist style), gradually reveals a transformed and rising world. A world – one would think – with a sonic mute tone of sensuality and joy, innocence and erotism; with a scent and charm of the past, so that the viewer (after overcoming the lyricism and the shiver of some distant beauty by competing with the inevitable vanity) indirectly questions both the meaning and the bitter experience of loss. It is the loss that leaves behind gaps  and questions, equating accordingly – in this case more obviously – with the agonizing detection of the causes concerning the alienation of cultural values, which have up to now entrained every rudimentary behaviours, with dramatic changes indeed, threatening unprecedentedly the cohesion of the social fabric in our days.”                                                             

Anna Gerolymatou was born in Athens, lives and works permanently in Brussels.

She received her early foundation in the arts from various school courses before pursuing courses in painting and drawing at a later age in Athens. She has followed art courses, composition and decoration at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts), as well as, workshops in mixed media and encaustic techniques in the Academie Beeldende Kunsten also in Brussels.

She holds a BA in Management and Organisational Behaviour from the American College of Greece and has followed online seminars of history of art at Sotheby’s.

With key elements the emotion, memories and nostalgia, her creations refer to another era. Her works bring to the surface the need of her soul to give the viewer a tender feeling, which will make them dream, travel and fill them with a strong feeling of reminiscence but at the same time of embrace. They are images that calm the soul, especially for the time we are going through. Through the works a feeling of anticipation and hope is conveyed. She constructed her world, cultivated it and defined memory as a defining element of her works.

She has participated at major exhibitions in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, in Italy, the Czech Republic, etc. and in many group exhibitions in Greece and elsewhere. Her artworks may be found in private collections.

For more information on her work, you may visit her personal site:


You may follow her on Facebook and on Instagram also.

This is her first solo exhibition on the island of Tinos, the place that triggered her artistic course.

Anna Gerolymatou dedicates her artistic course to her father.


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