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Paying homage to orange

THE RAINBOW PROJECT comprises a series of exhibitions which take us through the colours of the rainbow, via artworks. This project has already started at the Hellenic-French Association (League) on Kolonaki Square, kicking off with the colour yellow. Now, it’s the turn of the ‘Orange’ exhibition, to be inaugurated on Monday, November 7, 5-9pm. The colours get even warmer for December, with the ‘Red’ exhibition.

Work by Antigoni Pagona

Orange is a colour that has been associated with the warmth of the sun and the sunset. It is a colour associated with the ‘70s and psychedelia, with energy and vitamin C. It is a colour loved by children. The impressionists, especially Monet, enjoyed combining orange with its opposite, blue, to create amazing contrasts. The orange sun of Monet’s work ‘Impression, Sunrise’, painted in 1872, depicts a predominantly grey/blue scene at the port of Le Havre. The title of this work inspired the critics to coin the term Impressionism.

In the ‘Orange’ exhibition, not only will you find landscapes with blue and orange contrasts (eg by Antigoni Pagona), but all also a sensual depiction of the human body, where oranges and reds meet (by Tunisian artist Mariem Gares). Whether it’s an orange door that captures your attention (in the work of Fotini Kritikaki), or whether orange is used to create atmosphere (in the work of Christina Katergiannaki), one thing is for sure: that it’s a colour that stimulates the senses.

Work by Mariem Gares

Participating artists: Agnes Zirini, Chrysa Tsiari,  Jocasta M., Kostas G. Schnippering, Mariem Gares, Kiki Arka, Poly Georgakopoulou, Stella Katergiannaki, Christina Katergiannaki, Fotini Kritikaki, Evangelia Liaskou, Christina Makropoulou, Maria Michalopoulou (Mary go round), Nelly Oikonomaki, Antigoni Pagona, Yiola Pitta, Ioannis Roussis, Mantalena Tani, Margarita Telianidou, Maria Xatzitheodorou.

  • ‘Orange’ exhibition opens Monday, November 7, 5-9pm, at the Hellenic-French Association (League), 2 Kolonaki Square, 4th floor (entrance next to Pireos bank). Runs till November 26.
  • Open Monday-Friday (except for Wednesday): 5-9pm. Saturday 12-4pm. Closed Wednesday/Sunday. Closed Thursday, November 17. Free entrance.
  • Concept/organization/communication by Dimitris Lazarou . Co-organised with Art Hub Athens/Art for social change (
Work by Fotini Kritikaki

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