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Art flash: ‘Back to Black’

chryssaWe have often associated Chryssa Verghi’s work with the hedonistic myriad of blue shades that make up the Greek sea, but here, that sea has gone very dark – pitch black. It is a sinister sea, that has taken the lives of refugees into its darkest depths. It is the sea of our dreams, that have turned into a nightmare. Entitled ‘Back to Black’, this work reflects the ‘crisis mood’ of Greece… However, in the centre, there’s that radiant light of hope. It’s blinding. But we have to focus on that light – it has to be stronger than the dark abyss we are living. It has always been a yin and yang life anyway.

Chryssa Verghi’s new work will be presented in Cyprus, at the Alpha C.K. Art Gallery on April 8.

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