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The Guerilla Girls in Athens

THE GUERILLA  GIRLS are putting on their guerrilla masks, and coming to town. Their performances in museums, universities and elsewhere around the world have already taken the art world by storm. Now it’s our turn to witness their antics up close. They will be taking the central stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre on March 9, 7pm.
This group of female artists who got together in 1985 in order to protest against the male-dominated art world, have managed to garner global praise from their feminist fight and artistic activism. They protest against the racism, sexism and political corruption in the art world and beyond. With humour and an avant-garde perspective these girls have gone far to get their message across. Now, they will confess it all on stage, at the Onassis Cultural Centre. Entrance is free, but online reservation is necessary on Friday, February 24 ( See the Onassis Culture Centre’s site for more details:


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