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Two unique events for Saturday

Here are two events for Saturday, December 9, that are one of a kind (and pretty contrasting!): a live painting performance, and a Pop-up show for one evening only:


Sianti’s Xmas special
A SHOW of small works by the gallery’s collaborators, plus a live painting show is what’s in store for those who visit Ikastikos Kyklos Sianti on December 9, 11am-4pm, at the opening of this unique event, where the gallery will be celebrating the ‘birthday’ of its new art space in style. The works of the 26 artists will be on show till January 9.
Panayiotis Siagris and Konstantina Toli will get to work, and create some art for all to see. You can buy a raffle ticket for 5-10 euros so that you might become the lucky winner of this unique creation. The money gathered from the tickets will go to the charity SOS Children’s Villages, so it’s all for a good cause.
Participating artists: P. Angelidis, A.Apergis, Y. Valyrakis, K. Varotsos, S. Vasileiou, M. Venios, Ch. Carras, S. Daskalakis, D. Koukos, D. Kokkinidis, Th. Lalas, M. Makroulakis, A. Nikolaou, I. Papanikolaou, M. Papatheodorou Valyraki, M. Saridakis, P. Siagris, S. Sorongas, V. Sperantzas, K. Spyriounis, Y. Stathopoulos, K. Tolis, Y. Tsarouchis, M. Charos, Cacao Rocks, A. Stoidis.
• Ikastikos Kyklos is on the cnr of 2 Vas. Alexandrou and Mihalakopoulou sts (behind the National Gallery), Athens. Tel: 210 7245432. Open Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-8pm; Wed 10am-3pm; Sat 10am-4pm.


Hungarian Post-Soc Pop-up
For one night only, a pop-up show of Hungarian film posters from the POST-SOC ( collection will be shown in Athens. These are film posters for well-known movies from the ’70s and ’80s (e.g. ‘Robocop’, ‘ET’, ‘King Kong’) – created in communist Hungary before the fall of the Iron Curtain. These posters were made by the best and most progressive young artists of that time, and are completely different from the ones that the studios originally issued for advertising the films. They are brave, vibrating, surreal – and most of the times extremely surprising interpretations of the now classic movies. Opening December 9, 7.30pm.
• Orizontas Gegonoton (88 Keramikou St, Athens). For one night only.



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