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Expats arts scene of Greece: Those who came, those who left, those in limbo

Many expats come to Greece to live and work, and some of them have offered so much to the arts scene. I think that especially after the Documenta14 art show, which drew arty people from around the world to Athens, that this city is becoming a kind of Greenwich village, attracting many artists who can find cheap places to rent and set up as studios. And where better to do that, than in Athens, where the flourishing of the arts back in antiquity laid the cultural foundations of the West, in general. Here’s a link to a piece I wrote in which I talk to some of these expats who have given so much to the arts scene here in Greece.

Eleni Bread+Kalashnikov+photo Comp

Sefl-portrait by artist Eleni Mylonas, in which she poses with a Kalashnikov, and protective helmet made of bread and selofan.

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