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Being ‘part of art’ during the pandemic

‘Regeneration’, by Charitini Thrasyvoulou

ONE OF the effects of the pandemic on the art world is that it has turned all the more to the internet in order to present art and organize exhibitions. A stream of virtual exhibitions and different art platforms for artists have suddenly emerged. Here in Greece, exhibition organizer Dimitris Lazarou was quick to pick up on this new side to art presentation, and even from the first wave of the pandemic had started to organize virtual exhibitions, starting off with the theme of the covid virus itself, as evident in the online exhibition ‘The Pandemic of ARTvirus’, still available for all to see on his site and on his Youtube channel. Meanwhile, he continued (and continues), to organize shows in art spaces around town.

When the first lockdown ceased in Greece, and people started circulating more freely again, Lazarou presented the online exhibition, with the theme ‘Exit Virus Enter Greece’. And now, with the second lockdown, he continues to develop different themes for online art exhibitions, and with his slogan ‘Be part of Art’ he has launched the new project ’12 months-  ARTonline’, via which each month of 2021 will be inaugurated with a new online show.

Today sees the official ‘premiere’ of the exhibition ‘Ano Diazoma 21’, with a presentation that will be launched at 7pm on Lazarou’s Youtube channel (link provided below). The show focuses on the number 21 and its significance in the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and in Pythagorean numerology, as explained in the press release: “The upper part of the ancient theatre of Epidaurus has 21 rows of seats. According to Pythagorean numerology, the number 21 is the secret number of the cosmic consciousness (2 is the feminine energy of the universe, which represents intuition, imagination, openness to love, and 1 is the masculine energy of the universe, which represents power, action, initiative and determination).”

‘Cosmic Organism II’, by Stella Sevastopoulos

Next up will be the exhibition ’21 reprogramming art’. Participation is free of charge.

Participating artists in the ‘Ano Diazoma 21’: 

Angeliki Parginou Tsiotsi – Argy Pappas Tsiota – CH2_artist – Christine Abou Negm – ENNIO EROS GIOGOS – Helena Kandilaki – Stella Sevastopoulos – Sofia Aidonidou – Eleni Vasilakaki Arvanitaki – Elena Arsenidou – Rena Vallianou – Simeon Varias – Evangelia Vekiaropoulou – Euridice Maria Ventouri – Maria Vlasseros – Ivi Gabrielides – Eleftheria Georgiadou – Katerina Giazitsoglou – Anna Giannopoulou – Ageliki Gioni – Andreas Daras – Lina Deliolani – Rodoula Dimoulia – Irene Dounavi – Dimitris Emmanouil – Alexandros Emmanouilidis – Angela Efthimiadi – George Heliopoulos – Katerina Theodoridou – Charitini Thrasyvoulou – Irini Kalogeraki – Yiannis Kaminis – Ioanna Kardiakou – Iakovos Kollaros – Angeliki Kostalou – Helen Louki – Keli Mela – Sophia Mitraki – Christina Michou – Pavlina Vassiliki Moustaka – Eugenia Beggli – Domna Betsiou – Anastasia Nicolaou – Katerina Xarchopoulou – Olga Xythali – Popi Palatianou – Angeliki Papakonstantinou – Marianna Patinioti – Tassa Bitsani Petrou – Aikaterini Pouliasi – Christina Savvatianou – Katerina Sakellaridi – Nina Samoili – Marialena Sarris – Matina Sioki – Eva Soldatou – Maria Tassopoulou – Eftihia Tournaviti – Mary Triviza – Georgia Trouli – Olga Aikaterini Tsouri – Mina Fakka – Sofia Fountoulaki – Mata Frantzeskou – Maria Chalkia – Christina Chatzideve – George Hountalas

‘My Internal Harmony’, by Eftihia Tournaviti

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    • Thank you Catharina! I haven’t shown the whole series of these works, seeing as they are rather experimental in nature, and I haven’t plucked up the courage to do so yet. But now that I have read your comment, I’m thinking maybe I should!

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