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Hypatia’s cultural weekend in Voula

The southern suburbs of Athens aren’t known that much for their cultural interests or activities, however things are changing in that department. The Hypatia Cultural Society of Voula, has been aiming to enhance the cultural awareness and knowledge of the citizens of this region, with its events, exhibitions and publications, and will now be hosting a mult-faceted weekend of events at the Pnevmatiki Estia (Cultural Hub) of Voula (running Friday-Sunday, October 16-18). The venue, situated in the centre of a tree-clad park, in close vicinity to Voula’s picturesque pedestrian walkway (lined with a whole host of culinary/beverage options, including some lovely wine bars), makes for an interesting escape from the city centre, for some culture, but also for a bite to eat.

Work by Werner Hermann
Work by Stella Sevastopoulos

Events kick off with the inauguration of an art exhibition at 7pm, Friday (October 16) and continue with a talk by Petros Ioannides on ‘Ethnic Identity, Ethnic Symbols’ (in Greek), at 11am Saturday (October 17). On Sunday 11am, writer/poet Ifigeneia Amorgianou will present her newly published poetry collection, while later on at 6pm, the poetry anthology published by the Hypatia Cultural Society will also be presented. The art exhibition that runs throughout the weekend (10am-8pm), presents a wide range of works, by professional artists, but also amateurs and students who had taken part in the cultural society’s art, hagiography and craft workshops/seminars. The wonderful craft creations of Niki Stasinopoulou and her students, will also be on show. For those looking to find some interesting Xmas gifts, there will certainly be many options: from beautifully crafted objets d’art to small and large artworks, plus the poetry publications.

Sculptures by Kate Horti

The art works on show are a testimony to the diverse and original nature of creativity in the south of Athens, focusing mainly on works by members and friends of the cultural society: From Werner Hermann’s abstract colourful paintings to Kyriakos Lazarides’ dynamic cityscapes, Stella Sevastopoulos’s landscapes, Kate Horti’s intriguing sculptures made from bicycle parts, Calliope Konstandara’s portraits and studies of the human figure, inspired in part by hagiography. The more classical works of hagiography by Angela Papadopoulou will also be on show, plus Chryso Kontakou’s colourful creations.

Work by Kyriakos Lazarides

The works of Natasha Aivazidou and Dina Gavroglou (who participated in the art and hagiography workshops), also included in the exhibition, are examples of how this cultural society aims to further the creative development of the citizens down South. But above all, the message that this broad spectrum of art conveys loud and clear, is that art is for everyone, and has something to offer to everyone.

Ifigeneia Amorgianou’s new poetry anthology will be presented at 11am, October 18.
  • The Pnevmatiki Estia (Cultural Hub) of Voula, is on 3 Aghiou Yianni Street. Inauguration (with wine and snacks), at 7pm Friday (only 5 people will be allowed in at a time, masks are compulsory inside). Open 10am-8pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • For those interested, workshops will continue this winter. Niki Stasinopoulou’s craft and decoupage workshops, plus new workshops by Stella Sevastopoulos are also on the agenda: ‘Learning English Through Art’ for primary school children (the practice of conversation English, and the enrichment of vocabulary, via the tuition of art); ‘Art & Art History’ workshops for adults which will focus on the practice and the history of art. For more info on the craft workshops, contact Niki (tel: 6949102035). For more info on the art workshops contact Stella (tel: 6938832898).
Icon by Angela Papadopoulou

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