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Yellow art in Athens’ heart

IN THE HEART of the city of Athens, art exhibitions organized by Dimitris Lazarou kick off for the season with a ‘mellow yellow’ mood! On Monday, October 10, 5-9pm, the exhibition ‘Kitrino – Yellow’ will be inaugurated at the Hellenic-French Association (League), on Kolonaki Square. The exhibition, which runs till October 29, presents the work of 22 talented contemporary artists, who each in their own way have something to say about the significance of this colour. This is the first of a series of exhibitions organized by Lazarou which will take us through the year, and also through the colour spectrum. This project, called ‘Rainbow’ will run till the summer of 2023.

Work by Georgio Babili

The colour yellow, has many an association or symbolic significance: It is the colour of the sun, light, wealth, glory, hope and happiness. In China it is considered the colour of wisdom. During the Mediaeval period, in Europe this colour had negative connotations, because it was associated with Judas. Members of the Jewish community were made to wear yellow badges in the Mediaeval period, but also later on in history, by the Nazis. Yellow is also considered to be the colour of envy and illness. However, above all, its positive connotations, due to the way it is found in nature (in flowers, birds, the sun etc) has given it its most positive of connotations.

The concept, organisation and communication of this “Yellow” exhibition has been taken on by Dimitris Lazarou. The exhibition has been co-organised with Art Hub Athens / Art for social change. (

Work by Elena Arsenidou

Participating artists:

Georgio Babili – Jocasta M. – Yiannis Kaminis – Yiannis Ampatzoglou–Elena Arsenidou – Poly Georgakopoulou – Theodoros Eleftheriadis– Stella Katergiannaki – Popi Kranidi – Foteini Kritikaki – Kiki Kyriaki – Evangelia Liaskou – Christina Makropoulou – Vasia Moustaka – Antigoni Pagona – Kostas Papaioannou – Vaios Paraskevas – Katerina Sakellaridi – Mantalena Tani – Olga Aikaterini Tsouni – Maria Hatzitheodorou – Dimitris Psomodotis 

For more information, contact Dimitris Lazarou:

email: //

Opening: October 10, 5-9pm

The Hellenic-French Association (League), is on 2 Kolonaki Square, 4th floor. (entrance next to Pireos bank)

Open Monday-Friday (except for Wednesday): 5-9pm

Saturday 12-4pm.

Closed Sunday and Wednesday.

Closed October 27and 28.

Free entrance

Work by Antigoni Pagona

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