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Politics and art: partners in crisis

Politics and art have a long relationship and the upcoming Athens Biennale will explore how these two partners can join forces in the crisis, via a creative route – and thus maybe propose some groundbreaking propositions in both fields. The Biennale is set for 2017, however events have kicked off already, while the official launch will take place on November 18, at the Bageion hotel in Omonoia – at the epicentre of Athens.   In late September the Biennale’s Kyklos project aimed to introduce artists and cultural organisations from abroad to the Greek art scene. One such organisation that was involved was the Swiss cultural organisation Sound Development City, which brought 13 artists to Athens. Next up, in October is a project that turns traditional concepts of hierarchy on their head, giving freedom to the people via a most interesting proposal, which has ended up becoming a film. So, in the realm of cinema, and as part of the Athens International Film Festival, the Athens Biennale is also organising the screening of the film project ‘Occupy, Resist, Produce’ by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler, which documents how in three factories, the workers are called upon to organise their own labour management. If you want to see the outcome of their endeavours, head to the Greek Film Archive Foundation (48 Iera Odos St, Kerameikos, October 2, 8.15pm).

Although the Athens Biennale has already built a cutting-edge reputation for itself, the extra-political perspective that it is exploring this time round has been inspired by the Biennale’s new director Massimilliano Mollona (photo) – Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at London’s Goldsmith’s College.


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