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A bit of the Venice biennale in Athens

Artist Aikaterini Gegisian’s work was part of the Armenian Pavilion at this year’s 56th Venice Biennale. The pavillion won the Golden Lion award for best national participation. The Thessaloniki born, UK based artist’s work explores notions of heritage, societal stimuli, gender and cultural identity via a vast array of found printed material (collected from photographic albums, tourist guidebooks and other sources dating between 1960-1980) which she uses for her unique collage-based creative process. In her works, one can find images from Soviet Armenia, Turkey and Greece combined. The upcoming show at the Kalfayan gallery, showcases part of her Venice body of work, thus bringing to Athens a tiny bit of this year’s Venice Biennale. (The show runs October 8-November 14 at the Kalfayan Galleries, 11 Haritos St, tel 210-7A_SMALL_GUIDE2 (1)21-7679).

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