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Art flash: Naxos


If you haven’t visited this island’s golden sandy beaches yet, then you’re in for a treat. But if you don’t visit the Bazeos Tower while you’re there, you’ll lose out. Because this 17th century castle, situated 12 kilometres outside Naxos’ Hora, is not only a unique post-Byzantine architectural monument, but also a contemporary art den in the summer.  Every summer, the Bazeos Tower hosts an art show, as part of the Naxos Summer Festival. This year (June 18-September 25), six international artists will present their myth-related work via a variety of mediums (installations, video, sculpture, painting), in a show entitled ‘New Mythologies’: Hiroshi Mireya from Japan, Samper and Kristjana Samper (from Iceland), Saulius Valius and Diama Radaviciute (from Lithuania) and Greece’s Dimitris Dimitriadis and Klaus Pfeiffer. (June 18-September 25)

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