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Art flash: Crete

This island cannot be summed up in a paragraph, with so much that it has to offer. But in terms of art, just head to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rethymnon. Not only is its permanent exhibition of 500 works worth viewing, but it’s annual summer exposes also add a different perspective to the Cretan vista. This summer, you may enjoy the MedPhoto Festival, which fills Rethymnon with photography from all over the world. Focusing not only on the refugee crisis, but also the Greek crisis this year, this photo feast also demonstrates how photography has become an essential component of contemporary art. Under the general title ‘Borders/Crossroads’, this event comprises four exhibitions: ‘Critical Archives I: Ruins’, till September 30 (which takes place at the museum), ‘Critical Archives II: Testimonies’ (till July 10, at the Kara Moussa Pasha Mosque), Alien Territory (till July 10, at the Twin Building inside the Fortezza Castle), plus ‘Crossing’ (till July 15, at the Old Commercial Bank).

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