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Documenta 14’s ‘Keimena’ continues


THE ‘KEIMENA’ tv program of documenta 14 that has been airing on Mondays on ERT2 at midnight, since December 19, aims to reach out to a wider public. In fact documenta 14 has not only used television to reach out, but as the recently released main programme of events for documenta 14 shows, it will also be on the radio waves soon. In fact documenta 14 doesn’t seem to be leaving a stone unturned when it comes to crossing boundaries in terms of art interventions and exploring new forms and mediums. There are many events that will be happening around town from April 8 onwards, with the official inauguration of documenta 14 in Athens, but the ‘Keimena’ series is something you can watch from the comfort of your own home. The series has presented many a socio-political situation of interest over the weeks, and tonight is no exception, when 10 German intellectuals will speak about the crisis, and ‘democracy under attack’. And if you can’t stay up that late, then just watch it another day, on
The ‘Keimena’ program focuses on the fields of experimental documentary and fiction, presenting films whose approaches and topics engage social, political, and poetic concerns, and whose concepts, themes, and positions are in dialogue with the overall curatorial visions of documenta 14.
The program includes films dating back to the 1970s, recent productions, and new films commissioned by documenta 14. All of them tackle contemporary issues pertinent to life in Greece and elsewhere in times of economic hardship and social unrest. The films are preceded by short introductory texts by international writers.
Here’s what’s planned for the rest of April:

Monday April 3, 24:00
Angriff auf die Demokratie – Eine Intervention (Democracy Under Attack—An Intervention), 2012, Germany, 102 min.
Director: Romuald Karmakar
Introductory text: Olaf Möller
In December 2011, ten German intellectuals met in Berlin to discuss the political and economic crisis engulfing Europe. Among them was Romuald Karmakar, one of Germany’s most outspoken and provocative filmmakers-artists, who presented a short film alongside presentations from the other contributors. This film records that meeting, and serves as a call to action for progressive forces.

Monday April 10, 24:00
Chamissos Schatten, Kapitel 1: Alaska und Aleutische Inseln (Chamisso’s Shadow, Chapter 1: Alaska and Aleutian Islands), 2016, Germany, 193 min.
Director: Ulrike Ottinger
Introduction: Raquel Schefer
Ulrike Ottinger’s film was inspired by the poet and botanist Adelbert von Chamisso’s accounts of his time onboard an Arctic expedition. Ottinger traced Von Chamisso’s route, keeping her own logbook, and reading other great explorers. In Chamisso’s Shadow she evokes these travel experiences, mixing past and present in an extraordinary meditation on historical and cultural change.

Monday April 17, 24:00
Nespatřené (The Unseen), 1996, Czech Republic, 53 min.
Director: Miroslav Janek
Introduction: Kamila Kuc
This documentary takes place in a school for blind children in Prague. Its title, The Unseen, refers to the way that these children were for too long hidden from the public eye, as if their disability were shameful. Janek’s challenges this prejudice by allowing the children to tell their own stories. Their own narration, their music, and photographs shape this witty film.

Monday April 24, 24:00
48, 2009, Portugal, 93 min.
Director: Susana de Sousa Dias
Introduction: Filipa Ramos
48 takes its name from the number of years that Portugal spent under dictatorship before the Carnation Revolution of 1974. Its source is a police photograph album from that time, filled with mugshots of political prisoners. Filmmaker Susana de Sousa Dias tracked down the people depicted in these photographs, and recorded their stories. The result is a moving and timely account of oppression and resistance.

• The films are available on within Greece for seven days after each broadcast.



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