How Different Materials Affect Your Drawing Process

an interesting piece on the pros and cons of various materials

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Your drawing materials can determine the overall success of your finished artwork. And some are better than others when it comes to achieving certain effects.

If you want more successful drawings, knowing the pros and cons of the various materials available is key. Below, artist Dan Gheno shares his expert insight into the ins and outs of some of the most common drawing materials. Enjoy!

Drawing Materials, Explained

There is no substitute for skill and experience. A quill pen did not draw Michaelangelo?s Study of a Male Nude. The identical pen and ink in the hands of a rookie would not produce a similar masterpiece. But it’s also true if Michelangelo had used a ballpoint pen or a No. 2 pencil, the drawing would not possess the same depth of value or volume.

The choice of materials is a vital part of how an artist approaches his or her work…

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