Edward Dodwell – watercolors of Greece

A wonderful piece from the blog ‘Letters from Athens’, on Dodwell and his artistic investigation of Greece

Letters from Athens

As a follow up to my post Old Athens, I thought I’d write a few words about EdwardDodwell (1767 – 1832), an Irish painter, traveller and archaeologist, who travelled widely in Greece, making exquisite paintings in the process.

Edward Dodwell was born in Dublin to an ancient and wealthy Irish family, and studied Classics and Archaeology at Trinity College, Cambridge. Being in possession of a large fortune and free from professional commitments, he dedicated himself to the study of Mediterranean cultures.

The dance of the dervishes at the Tower of the Winds in Athens, which was used as a tekije (dervish lodge). Sixteen ostrich eggs hang from the ceiling to avert the evil eye.

Dodwell travelled from 1801 to 1806 in Greece, which was then a part of the OttomanEmpire.

In 1801 he sailed to the Ionian Islands and the Troad with Atkins and the well-known…

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