Painting Tips: The Value of Hard and Soft Edges

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Johannes Vloothuis is back with more expert advice that will help you better understand how to paint. This time he is tackling the timeless subject: painting edges.

Learn how to handle edges within your paintings in a variety of mediums, and then see Johannes in action in Paint Along: Landscape Painting, All About Edges.

Painting Edges: Tips on the Value of Hard and Soft Edges

by Johannes Vloothuis

Handling edges is a skill that all fine artists will need to learn sooner or later. Edges that are out of focus are vital in paintings in order to create the 3D illusion of making things look like they recede in a landscape painting, for example. Edges that are blurred make things appear they are moving.

The handling of edges is to be applied in all mediums, although some are more cooperative than others. For example, with pastels all you need to…

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