Regaining Nature: The Work of Stella Sevastopoulos

Daniel Pateman

There is something restorative about Stella Sevastopoulos’s paintings. Whether turning her gaze on the Greek coast’s undulating waves and their shifting hues of green and blue, or producing more intricate geometric designs, her artistic practice evidences the natural balance of the world, and a desire to regain it in our Anthropocene age. Sevastopoulos enchants the viewer with a romantic vision of nature: colourful arrangements of full-bodied flowers in-bloom; sturdy ships buoyed by placid azure oceans; light-suffused beaches encircled by grass-covered mountains. But the attainment of this harmony and splendour appears to be a diminished human influence within it.

Of Greek parentage but hailing from Ealing in West London, Sevastopoulos moved to Athens in the 1990s. After being dissuaded from pursuing an artistic career by her parents, her education in Britain veered away from visual arts practice and towards more academic subjects. She embarked on a career in journalism when she…

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