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‘New Symbols’ in today’s day and age

New Symbols, Sasha Chaitow

Work by Sasha Chaitow

SYMBOLISM is a movement which has influenced the whole course of modern and contemporary art, while its roots go back to ancient times. The group of artists known as ARC (Art Revisited Collective), along with some guest artists, have gotten together to create the show ‘New Symbols’, at the Chili Art Gallery in Thissio. This summer art show aims to focus on art’s new forms of symbolism in today’s challenging times.

ARC – Art Revisited Collective and the curators Paris Kapralos and Iason Kaerofyllas invite you to attend the opening and/or visit the exhibition of paintings, engravings and sculptures entitled ‘New Symbols’, that will take place at Chili Art Gallery (Dimofontos 13-15, Thiseio, center of Athens).

The vernissage takes place on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 from 18:00 to 22:00; the curators and most of the participating artists will welcome the attendants. Both on the day of the opening of the exhibition and throughout its duration, the State’s recommendations for limiting the spread of COVID-19 will be followed.

New Symbols, Foti Kllogjeri

Work by Foti Kllogjeri

Symbolism and beyond
At the end of the 19th century, the current of Symbolism spread to Europe and served as an antidote to the futility of the movement of Realism of that period. Symbolism is inspired by the imaginary realm, opens up roads to existential quests, and immerses itself in philosophical matters. It aims at imbuing a poetic and mysterious mood in the spectator. It was a reactionary response of the artistic world of that time towards the vision of the deification of Logic imposed by the Enlightenment. Above and beyond formalist impressions, Symbolism gave the historical impetus for the launch of modern art movements. From then on, the visual arts generated allegories that were revealed with symbols and included conceptual content.

During all of the difficult historical circumstances that followed after the era of Symbolism, art created powerful symbols, serving a common principle with Philosophy: to promote the dialectical relationship between Man and Historical Circumstance, via apt, perceptive and freethinking questioning. In this way, the transcendence of the boundaries of politics, social conventions, the “musts” and the “forbidden” may be achieved, in order to focus on true meaning and what should really concern us, while at the same time not imposing a specific answer. History has shown us that art advances with leaps and bounds in the most adverse circumstances: through totalitarian regimes, two World Wars, the Cold War, civil strife. In the process, it has transformed itself, producing new types of art in the process: installations, multimedia, performance, etc. Nowadays one could argue that all artistic production speaks symbolically without necessarily being part of the homonymous movement.

New Symbols, Christina Zigouri

Work by Christina Zygouri

In our era, the unprecedented situations we have constantly witnessed on a global scale since 2008 (bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers that marked the global financial crisis, part of which has been the Greek debt crisis, and the ever-threatening collapse of the global economy), the new social Middle Ages, the “War against Terrorism” – which revoked progress towards human freedom, for the sake of security, and, more recently, the beginning of an era of biological/environmental threats, urgently ask of us to think outside the box. Today, as in the past, art is being asked to make another leap: to promote reflection, to produce new allegories, to give the world the NEW SYMBOLS of our time.

Participating artists
The visual artists participating with their artworks in the show ‘New Symbols’, and contributing with their statements in this exhibition are: Elena Stratidakis, Ennio Eros Giogos, Stella Sevastopoulos, Kostas Mennis, Rania Anasotzi, Alexandros Kantoros, Konstantina Mina, Fanis Goulis, Angeliki Kourmoulaki, Ourania Karolina Koliopoulou, Foti Kllogjeri, Christina Zigouri, Stergios Goudinis, Alexia Koudigkeli, Maria Stratidaki, Sasha Chaitow, Tita Stavrou.

About ARC – Art Revisited Collective

ARC – Art Revisited Collective is a visual artists’ collective based in Greece, in which artists have joined forces to promote their work, along with their vision of excellence in art, uniqueness of perspective of our world today. The signing members subscribe to the doctrine of Spyros Merkouris “Culture draws from the past and forms the present with an eye to the future”. When you are working in Greece as an artist, despite you nationality of origin, you find yourself immersed in a cultural heritage of thousands of years from which you draw upon, but also have to decide where to draw the line, in order to focus on the present and future (i.e. the challenges posed by the transition we are experiencing today, especially after the Greek and international crisis). The collective was set up to realize their own vision, in the face of mounting challenges such as urbanization, environmental degradation, increasing inequalities, persisting poverty. In this environment there is an urgent need for new approaches, to be defined and measured in a way which accounts for the broader picture of human progress, balance between humans and nature, equity, dignity, well-being and sustainability, and the massive recognition of culture as part of the global and local society as well as a wellspring for creativity and renewal. Find out more at

New Symbols, Stergios Goudinis

Work by Stergios Goudinis

About Chili Art Gallery
Chili Art Gallery was founded in 2010 and is located in the Thissio district of Athens’ historical centre next to the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens “Melina”, a breath away from the most vibrant part of the city, Gazi. It is a cultural space where art lovers and the general public can get in touch with all forms of contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, collage / compositions, installations / constructions, engraving, photography together with design and applied art, in the form of objects of daily use, such as ceramics, fabric, jewelry, glass, furniture, are presented on a monthly basis with individual and group exhibitions and events. Discover more at

  • Duration of ‘New Symbols’: 7 – 18 July 2020.
    Visiting Days/Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10.30 – 18.00, Saturday 11.00-15.00. Sunday closed
New Symbols, Stella Sevastopoulos

Work by Stella Sevastopoulos


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