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‘Art and Creativity’ in Voula

In a world that has endured so many changes due to the ongoing pandemic, it is interesting to see that artists and other creatives have certainly found this time to be productive for them. The exhibition ‘Art and Creativity’, organized by the Hypatia Cultural Society of Voula (with Ifigeneia Amorgianou as its President), at the Pnevmatiki Estia of Voula, is proof that where there’s a creative will, there’s a way. And there are many ways to channel your creativity in a positive manner.

In the exhibition, you will find some of these creative routes: from colourful paintings and t-shirt designs with a pop aesthetic by Martin Davis, wonderful macramé creations by Stella Valvis, byzantine icons full of spirituality by Angela Papadopoulou, beautiful landscapes and seascapes by Sidan Ghazi, explorations of the many facets of femininity and the female form by Eva Pelekidou. Plus, depictions of intimate embraces by Calliope Konstantara, the dynamic expressionism of Kyriakos Lazarides, exciting Geometric abstractions by Werner Hermann, imaginative sculptures made from upcycling bicycle parts by Kate Horti (Bike stories sculpture by Kate Horti). And there’s more: delicate hand-crafted objects by Niki Stasinopoulou, painterly odes to nature by Stella Sevastopoulos, uniquely designed boxes and coasters by Mary Cox, are some of the other art objects you will encounter.

Join us on the weekend of October 15-16-17, at the Pnevmatiki Estia of Voula (corner of Aghios Ioannis and Nafsikas sts), to see this vista of art and craft for yourselves, and to enjoy the programme of events organized by the Hypatia Cultural Society of Voula, that will be running through the weekend.

  • The exhibition ‘Art and Creativity’ (curated by Stella Sevastopoulos), will be open to the public from Friday, October 15, 9pm. Official inauguration on Saturday, October 16, 8pm. Open Fri 9-10.30pm, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm.
  • Visit the facebook page of the society (Hypatia Voula), for more updates/info.
  • Art Scene Athens’ is written and run by artist/journalist Stella Sevastopoulos, who moved to Athens from London, in 1994. Since then, she has been following the Greek art scene, writing about it, but also exploring her own artistic practice. For examples of her art you can also visit her online portfolio

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