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The Greek Sea’s Many Facets

THE EXHIBITION ‘Thalassa, Genous Ellinikou’ (‘Sea, Greek Genus’) opens at the Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts on Thursday, October 21 and runs till November 13.

Inspired by the important role that the sea has played in the whole history, culture and civilization of Greece, this exhibition includes the work of 31 artists who have dealt with the subject in many different ways: from focusing on its beauty to its importance in trade and tourism. The exhibition also celebrates the Battle of Navarino Bay, which took place on October 20, 1827, and which played a crucial role in establishing the freedom of the Greeks from the Turkish Yoke.

Work by Stella Sevastopoulos

The sea in Greece has been connected with many historical moments, it has led to the development of industries such as shipping, tourism, and fishing, plus the Greek sea’s beauty is unparalleled and unique. It has given us both beautiful idyllic holiday moments, but also can be harsh, angry, unforgiving. All these aspects and many more have been explored by the artists in the show.

Participating artists: Lydia Z, Marialena Sarris, Silena, Stella Sevastopoulos, Tassa Bitsani Petrou, Lina (Niki) Adamopoulou, Vasilis Anastasopoulos, Marina Anastasopoulou, Thodoris Arfanis, Kostas Garyfallos, Zenia Dimitrakopoulou, Giannis Kaminis, Eleni Katsantoni, Grigoris Koukis, Angeliki Kostalou, Kaiti Lialiabidou, Evangelia Liaskou, Vivi Metzelopoulou, Eirini Mitoudi, Christina Mihou, Katerina Bouratzi, Nancy Naoumidou, Maria Darla, Popi Palatianou, Vaios Paraskevas, Pantelis Stamatelos, Polyvios Tavoularis, Maria Tassopoulou, Margarita Telianidou, Ioanna Tsachtsirli, Olga Aikaterini Tsouri.

All regulations for the prevention of covid-19 will be kept, therefore, those visiting the exhibition must either have a digital or paper format certificate of vaccination, or certificate of recovery from covid-19, which can be obtained 30 days after the first positive test result, and which lasts for 180 days. The negative results of a rapid test, up to 48 hours before visiting the exhibition, may also suffice.

  • ‘Sea, Greek Genus’, inauguration is on Thursday, October 21, 6-10pm. Runs till November 13. Concept, organization and communications by Dimitris Lazarou (email: Co-organisation – support: ART HUB ATHENS/ART for Social Change international cultural platform (
  • The Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts is on 18 Kassaveti St, 145 62 Kifissia (tel: 210-801-9975). Email:, website
  • After the inauguration on Thursday (6-10pm), the exhibition will be open to the public on the following days/hours: Tues-Sat 11am-6pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. Closed also on Thursday, October 28 (national holiday). Free entrance.
  • Art Scene Athens’ is written and run by artist/journalist Stella Sevastopoulos, who moved to Athens from London, in 1994. Since then, she has been following the Greek art scene, writing about it, but also exploring her own artistic practice. For examples of her art you can also visit her online portfolio
Work by Marialena Sarris

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