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A ‘Flower Power’ fusion

THE LAST EXHIBITION at FokiaNou Art Space for this artistic season, is called ‘Flower Power’. For this exhibition, artists responded to an open call on the subject of flowers, something which has kept many an artist busy over the centuries. From early primitive botanical depictions, to the works of Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Warhol and Mapplethorpe, and here in Greece, our beloved Thanos Tsingos, flowers have been a much-loved subject for painting, design, photography and sculpture. Their cycle of life becomes a symbol of beauty, of life, hope even, and they have often become a metaphor for the struggle of life itself. Flowers also have a therapeutic effect, effecting all the senses. The artists of the ‘Flower Power’ exhibition will transfer us to the seductive world of flowers, exploring intriguing aspects of their cycle and symbolism, for the three-week duration of the exhibition.

Work by Piyi Wong

Participating artists: Blanka Amezkua, Dimitra Gounari, Piyi Wong, Jane Grover, Kyveli Zachariou, Vasiliki Kanellou, Mary Cox, Lydia Kontiza, Nina Kotamanidou, Dorina Malliou, Ines Benaki, Eirini Morou, Despoina Pantazi, Geeta Roopnarine, Christina-Sylvia Simantira, Nikos Sialakas, Marios Trihas, Stavroula Hantzi.

Curated by Panagiotis Voulgaris and Mary Cox.

FokiaNou Art Space is an artist-run space which promotes the collaboration of both Greek and foreign artists, thus adding to the Athenian artistic community an interesting art fusion. Situated in an old apartment in downtown Athens, which has been converted into an art space, it has been run by artists Panagiotis Voulgaris and Mary Cox since 2016, and has hosted over 45 exhibitions, plus workshops, talks and performances.

Work by Blanka Amezkua 

  • ‘Flower Power’ opens on July 14, 6pm. Runs till July 27. Open Thursday-Saturday, 6pm-9pm.
  • Address: 24 Fokianou St, 7th floor. Nearest Metro station : Evangelismos.
Work by Dorina Malliou

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