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Tag’s ‘Opening’ event

AN INTERESTING new art space opens its doors to the public on April 9, with an exhibition entitled ‘Opening’, which will include installations, performance and painting. Tag project space is run by artist Sotiris Fen, art historian/theoretician/curator Marina Ziavra and art restorer/art historian/theoretician Elpida Abou. The activities of the project that will be organized here, will often go beyond the confines of the project space, aiming to create unique events and happenings.  ‘Opening’ comprises the works of Jola 818, Nerisisty, One Bran, Petr Shevchenko and Sotiris Fen.

Address: 10 Voreiou St, Athens. Inauguration starts at 6pm. ‘Opening’, runs till April 22. Open: Tues-Fri 4-9pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm.

Work by Petr Shevchenko

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