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Art trek April

THE CENTRE of Athens is hosting some top-notch art shows at the moment, well worth the visit. What’s more talks are on offer by the artists too. On Saturday, April 13. Chryssa Verghi will be giving a guided tour of her painting exhibition ‘Flumen Vitae’ (runs till May 5), at the Evripides Gallery, at noon. Here you will be able to see her exquisitely expressive works that have been inspired by Epirus’s River Louros, and by the dynamics of flux and stamina that she has explored in its waters, via her colouristic perspective.


Work by Verghi at the Evripides Gallery

At the Byzantine and Christian Museum, Pavlos Samios will be giving a guided tour of his exhibition ‘Broken History’ on April 20 (runs till June 15, talks at noon and at 2pm). His renditions of ancient Greek sculptures are combined with colourful graffiti, and many of the works have been created on cardboard boxes, thus adding a slight arte povera aesthetic to his moving statement on the contemporary status of Greece’s cultural heritage.


Works by Samios at the Byzantine and Christian Museum

Meanwhile, also on Vassilis Sophias, the Benaki Museum is hosting the exhibition ‘Yannis Moralis, Master Teacher’, in which the works of some of his many students have been presented in a kind of ‘before’ and ‘after’ manner: before graduation from the Athens School of Fine Arts, (whilst under the tutelage of Moralis), and after… It is a wonderful opportunity to see how the work of some of these artists has developed. The Theocharakis Foundation (9 Vassilisis Sophias, runs till May 15), is hosting an exhibition of works from the Rhodes Municipality’s Modern Greek Art Museum. Here, you can get acquainted with a whole plethora of Greek masters, from the classic, to the modern and post-modern eras.





If you’re thirsty for more, then head to the ena art gallery (9 Valaoritou St, till May 11), where Gabriel Grama’s show ‘People – Rise or Fall’, poses apocalyptic questions via his colourfully designed, contemporary artistic visions. More anthropocentric works can be viewed at the Roma Gallery, where the works of Dimitris Mytaras and Alekos Fassianos have joined forces to give you a most inspired blast of human characters, by two modern masters of the genre, at the Roma Gallery (till May 4). But if nature expresses you best, then check out Vicky Stamatopoulou’s focus on nature’s wonderlands in her paintings at Skoufa Gallery (till May 4).


Work by Grama at Ena Art Gallery


View of Stamatopoulou’s exhibition at Skoufa



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