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‘Tar and Feathers’ at the Hellenic-French Association


Cécile Balthazard, Nous Nous Aimon, 90x60cm, Ακρυλικά

‘Nous Nous Aimon’, by Cecile Balthazard

THE GROUP art exhibition ‘TAR & FEATHERS’ will be inaugurated on Monday, June 29, noon till 9pm at the Hellenic-French Association, and will run from June 29-July 11.

Dimitris Lazarou is responsible for the concept, organization and communication of the exhibition and art historian Olga Latousaki for its curation. A total of 26 contemporary visual artists remove the ‘tar and feathers’ from the wounds that people have opened with their words and deeds towards LGBT people who are not different, but who are simply people. With their works, they declare themselves present in the struggle against any discrimination and any underestimation towards people that some categorize as ‘different’.

Art historian Olga Latousaki notes:
“The need to recognize human rights has never been more urgent than it is today. At the same time that rights to education, freedom of expression and choice of religion are considered established by the majority, an unpleasantly large percentage of the population has not yet been able to accept an inalienable human right: free choice of identity.
The extent of the phenomenon of homophobia, transphobia and discrimination against bisexuality, specifically in Greece, is highlighted by the findings of the Racist Violence Incidents Reporting Network.


‘Dreams and Nightmares’, by Lydia Z

Until a few decades ago, homosexuality – or rather, non-heterosexuality – was considered unacceptable and in many Western countries it was even a criminal activity. Even after homosexuality ceased to be considered a disease by the World Health Organization after May 17, 1990, homophobia still lurks in human relationships today.
Deeper research into such behaviors has shown that homophobia is in most cases associated with social class, education, and religious beliefs. People who are nurtured by such prejudices are unable or even refuse to understand the different manifestations and expressions of love beyond the common social molds. Yet the foundations for all human relations always remain the same: sincerity, generosity and the complete absence of any hypocrisy.
With the right information and positive attitude, we will be able to embrace and respect all forms of love. And it is the role of art to do away with negative emotions and to suggest new ways of thinking. Art is our vehicle for diversity’s acceptance and respect, and for further establishing honest and solid relationships.
After all, happiness isn’t as far away as we think, is it?”

tar3 Vicky Sarri, Red Dress

‘Red Dress’, by Vicky Sarri

Anna Patrou, Cécile Balthazard, Lydia Z., Olga Anastasiadou, Thodoris Arfanis, Evangelia Vekiaropoulou, Maria Evridiki Ventouri, Daphne Votanopoulou, Froso Vizovitou, Athina Karka, Stella Katergiannaki, Christina Katergiannaki, Kalliopi Kouklinou, Niki Kiriaki, Efi Manou, Stavroula Mitzifiri – MiSt, Ioanna Michopoulou, Valantia Moraitaki, Angeliki Papakonstantinou, Eva Parsotaki, Vicky Sarri, Kostas Spyropoulos, Maria Stamati, Olga Aikaterini Tsouri, Yiannis Tsouxlos, Angeliki Chryssovitsanou

* Video exhibition editor: Tasos Petsas – His new song R’N’B Neo Soul entitled “Humane (Peace & Love)” in Anglo-French lyrics, a song of social “protest” on the occasion of the violent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, will accompany the video of the exhibition’s art works
* Facebook link of the exhibition:

  • The exhibition will be presented online through the websites and the expatriate website in 156 countries around the world, with an average of 11,000 online visits per day.
  • GREEK – FRENCH ASSOCIATION (ELLINO GALLIKOS SYNDESMOS): 2 Kolonaki Square, 4th floor, Kolonaki, Athens
  • Working days and hours
    Monday to Friday: 17:00 – 21:00
    Saturday: 12:00 – 16:00
    Wednesday & Sunday: CLOSED



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