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Art’s environmental message: ‘S(tr)ay a little prayer for me’


PrintFOUNDED by lawyer/collector Philippos Tsichritzis, the architectural beauty of the Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts has proven to be a haven for cultural creativity since 1999 when it first opened to the public. From June 25-July 25, it will also be overrun by cats, dogs, and all sorts of other animals, as depicted by artists, sculptors and photographers, who are participating in the exhibition ‘S(tr)ay a little prayer for me’. The exhibition title’s twist on Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Say a Little Prayer’, immediately adds all the emotion of her words to this exhibition’s worthy cause: awareness towards animal cruelty/protection of the environment.


‘In the papers’, by Vivian Zotali

The exhibition is curated by art historian Olga Latousaki, while Dimitris Lazarou is the brain behind the show’s concept and organization. The beautiful premises of the Tsichritzis Foundation, are the perfect venue for a cultural exhibition during covid-19 times, seeing as they comprise a front and back garden, so that visitors can stick to the safety rules and regulations. A total of 31 contemporary artists will be showing their work in this show, which is made up of a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, but also photographs of a documentary nature, that focus on the hardships of stray animals, and how they are transformed when they find a home and the love and care they need. The message of this exhibition also has a more general ecological perspective, with a focus on how we should be protecting the environment, and all the animals for whom nature is their home. The verdict is that the relationship between humans and nature, or humans and animals, should be based on love.


‘Discovery’, by Efi Manou

In her text for the show, art historian Olga Latousaki points out how one of the shocking outcomes of Greece’s economic crisis, but also of the humanitarian crisis, is the raise in the number of strays on the streets of Greece. She goes on to say that this should not be ignored seeing as the characteristics of a well-functioning contemporary society include how it treats its animals, especially the stray ones. Many people are shocked when they see neglected, ill and suffering animals on the streets, but they forget that these animals are in this state due to human actions. She ends with the following: “Let’s make this exhibition the reason for families and schools to connect their love of our four-legged friends with the importance of art, which has been so underestimated in Greece today”.


‘Playful Existence’, by Eleni Tsotsorou

Participating artists: Anna Patrou, Cecile Balthazard, Georgio Babili, Elena Arsenidou, Thodoris Arfanis, Daphne Votanopoulou, Froso Vyzovitou, Vivian Zotali, Elena Kalapothakou, Iakovos Kollaros, Giannis Korbos, Anna Kounadi, Niki Kyriaki, Efi Manou, Liza Vasilatou Merlin, Stavroula Mitzifiri MiSt, Ioanna Michopoulou, Valantia Moraitaki, Olga Xythali, Popi Palatianou, Marietta Papageorgiou, Angelike Papakonstantinou, Chryssa Papahatzaki, Viky Sarri, Panagiotis Sarris, Stella Sevastopoulos, Maria Stamati, Margarita Taliadorou, Eleni Tsotsorou, Olga Aikaterini Tsouri, Aristides Chrysanthopoulos.

'Fluffy Pregnant'

‘Fluffy Pregnant’, by Stella Sevastopoulos

All rules and regulations for the protection against covid-19 (the wearing of masks, hand sanitization etc) should be kept when visiting the exhibition.
• The exhibition ‘S(tr)ay a little prayer for me’, will be inaugurated at the Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts in Kifissia on Wednesday, July 1, noon till 9pm. The exhibition is open to the public from Thursday, June 25 till Saturday, July 25.

• The exhibition will be presented online via the site and on the site
• Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts, 18 Kassaveti St, Kifissia. Tel: 210-801-9975. Info:; website:; Open Tues-Fri 11am-7pm and Sat 11am-6pm. Closed Sun/Mon. Free entrance.


‘Amis pour la vie’, by Cecile Balthazard

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